ARKANEL staff analyze the transportation requirements for the cargo, make their suggestions regarding the packing methods and materials, the most appropriate transport means to deliver the cargo to the destination site. Our company provides security monitoring of the cargo at the transit airport, and customs clearance in the country of destination.

We notify the customer what laws and regulations are stipulated by RA Legislation for exporting and importing of cultural values, what documents are required, what customs formalities are to be performed; our experts will help prepare the cargo for customs examination (execution of documents included).

  • ARKANEL staff chooses the appropriate method of packing for each item basing on the material, state of preservation, age, dimensions, place of delivery and other relevant factors.

    We create individually designed high-quality crates and boxes.

  • ARKANEL arranges the completion of the airway bill, transportation of the cargo to the airport, monitors loading, unloading, stocking and export.

  • Our staff transport the packed items with special (armed) escort to the assigned point (including the airport), monitor the processes of loading, unloading, stocking, as well as executing the documents.

  • ARKANEL Company is an agent of INGO ARMENIA Insurance Company in the field of art insurance, which enables fast cargo insurance “from nail to nail” (or, at the customer’s will, against specific cases), at minimum insurance rate.